Đorđe Jandrić’s Cool QR Code Art in Zagreb

So, there’s this artist, Đorđe Jandrić, who did something pretty neat at his first show in Zagreb’s Institute of Contemporary Art. Imagine walking into a gallery and seeing a bunch of drawings that at first glance just seem like numbers and doodles on paper. But here’s where it gets cool: each piece has a QR code that zaps you from just looking at something on a wall to diving into a digital extension of the art. It’s like a secret passage from the physical to the digital world, right there in the gallery.


Not Just Any Drawings

These aren’t your ordinary sketches. Jandrić’s work plays with natural numbers and zeroes to lead you into a different dimension—not just space and volume, but also time, and even the internet. The trick up his sleeve? QR codes. They take these seemingly simple black-and-white drawings and open up a whole new digital frontier that goes way beyond the paper.


The Man Behind the Art

Đorđe Jandrić is a guy who started in architecture but then took a sharp turn into sculpture because he couldn’t let go of thinking in three dimensions. He’s all about numbers, drawing, space, and how all that ties into creating something meaningful. One of his big ideas is the “Heap,” which is about seeing potential sculpture in any pile of material. His work says that anything can be art, and now, with QR codes, that includes the digital space.


What’s the Big Deal About QR Codes in Art?

What Jandrić is doing with QR codes is pretty groundbreaking. It’s not just a gimmick; it’s a bridge between the art you can touch and the art you can interact with on your phone or tablet. This makes the whole experience interactive. You’re not just looking; you’re exploring. It challenges what we usually think of as sculpture or art, blending the real with the virtual.

His exhibition in Zagreb wasn’t just about showing off some cool drawings. It was about showing how art can evolve and connect with us in new ways, thanks to technology. Đorđe Jandrić’s work is a nudge for us to rethink what art can be and how it can reach us, making the journey from eye to art to digital world an adventure.