E-Label Solutions for University Campuses

E-labeling can vastly enrich university campuses by offering an interactive, accessible, and efficient educational environment, putting extensive resources and services at the fingertips of students, faculty, and visitors through QR code integration.

Propel your university into the AI age.

Labellink excels in two key areas: seamlessly merging the physical and digital worlds, and introducing a new kind of interface for information access where AI provides answers contextual to what and where users scan—reducing the need to search through extensive information or seek assistance elsewhere.

AI Assistant

Labellink AI Assistant provides a dynamic interface where students receive instant, tailored answers based on what and where they scan, eliminating the need to sift through lengthy information or seek assistance elsewhere.

Contextual Info

Labellink transforms data into smart, context-aware information, ensuring that every scan delivers semantically relevant details tailored to the physical location and specific needs of the user.


Labellink ensures every scan delivers information in an accessible format, catering to users' diverse needs, including those with disabilities like blindness, dyslexia, and motor impairments, through innovative accessibility solutions.


Students can interact with smart, context-aware data through Labellink's user interface, access real-time updates, interactive visuals, alerts, notifications, and access stunning immersive experiences.

E-label Use Cases

Discover how Labellink’s e-label solutions enable universities to enrich educational experiences, boost accessibility, and encourage campus-wide interaction.

Smart Syllabus

The AI powered syllabus has interactive features, allowing students to ask questions and receive instant answers.

Smart Documents

Any document can be turned into a smart document, allowing students to interact with it through the Labellink AI Assistant.

Building Information

QR codes on buildings linking to digital labels providing information about building hours, room layouts, accessibility features, and emergency evacuation procedures.

Campus Maps

QR codes at various campus locations could link to interactive maps, helping new students and visitors navigate the campus efficiently.

Student Forms

Digital forms with interactive elements, enabling students to ask questions and receive real-time assistance from the Labellink AI Assistant.

Equipment Manuals

QR codes on laboratory equipment linking to digital manuals, usage tutorials, or booking calendars for efficient management and training.

Menus & Nutrition

QR codes in dining halls or cafes linking to daily menus, nutritional information, or feedback forms to rate services and offerings.

Event Information

QR codes on posters and flyers for events that link to additional information, online registration forms, or interactive schedules.

Maintenance Requests

QR codes in dormitories or facilities allowing students and staff to easily report maintenance issues or track the status of requests.

Emergency Procedures

QR codes in classrooms, dormitories, and public spaces linking to emergency evacuation maps, safety protocols, or contact information for campus security.

Notices & Bulletins

Use QR codes on notice boards for accessing the latest bulletins, forms, or administrative announcements digitally.

Art & Monuments

Install QR codes near landmarks, art pieces, or buildings to offer historical context or cultural significance through multimedia content.

Feedback & Surveys

QR codes in various facilities (cafeterias, libraries, sports complexes) to quickly gather student feedback or conduct surveys.

Campus Memories

Facilitate students in sharing their campus experiences and reading others' stories through digital notes accessed via QR codes.


Offer students the opportunity to join campus-led sustainability challenges and earn rewards by scanning QR codes at recycling points.

Campus Quests

Offer students interactive challenges and adventures around campus, utilizing QR codes to unlock activities, earn rewards, and explore campus in a fun and engaging way.

Labellink Special Features

Explore Labellink’s distinctive features tailored for universities, including dynamic content updates and comprehensive user engagement analytics.

AI assistant as interface to information.

Labellink’s AI assistant revolutionizes how information is accessed on university campuses, catering to the preferences of a new generation that favors quick, precise interactions over lengthy readings. Integrated seamlessly into university e-labels, this AI provides instant, accurate responses tailored to the context of each scan, ensuring that students and faculty receive exactly the information they need. The AI’s ability to learn and adapt to scan-related data enhances its precision, focusing sharply on user intent and context.

Everything in 133 languages.

Students and international scholars can enjoy university services in their preferred language with Labellink’s comprehensive language support, enhancing their educational experience. While the standard instructional language is used for university information, international students often prefer accessing details in their own language. This feature not only translates content but also adapts interactions with the Labellink AI Assistant and user interface seamlessly.

Powered by advanced AI technology, Labellink ensures precise translation services. With native speakers generally rating standard AI translations at 7 out of 10, Labellink’s translations receive a superior rating of 9 out of 10. This enhanced translation capability is available in the Labellink Premium and Enterprise packages, specifically designed to cater to educational institutions and their diverse communities.

Built-in accessibility.

Labellink delivers immediate accessibility features tailored for universities, ensuring that content is readily accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. These pre-built solutions are complemented by specialized content optimization services to enhance inclusivity further.

Prioritizing accessibility not only expands your reach but also improves the overall student experience, demonstrating the university’s strong commitment to inclusivity. This approach allows students with disabilities to fully engage with educational content, aligning with best practices and legal standards for accessibility.

By utilizing Labellink’s services, universities ensure compliance with accessibility standards and showcase their dedication to embracing all students. This strategy not only meets current requirements but also positions educational institutions for future advancements in digital accessibility standards.

User-tailored alerts .

Labellink provides instant data highlighting and alerts for university campuses upon scanning QR codes, ensuring students and faculty receive timely and relevant information. For instance, users can get immediate notifications about campus events such as class cancellations, library updates, or maintenance work, all tailored to their specific location or preferences on campus.

This functionality extends further as registered Labellink users have the capability to customize notifications and data highlights according to their individual needs. Whether it’s updates on academic deadlines, university events, or safety alerts, users can personalize their experience to receive the information that is most pertinent to them.

Smart conveniences.

As students and faculty navigate the university campus, the institution can provide them with the digital convenience typically found on online platforms. Here are a few examples of how this can be applied in a university setting:

  • Compare information about scanned items
  • Save and bookmark favorite locations or services
  • Share discoveries with friends and initiate live discussions
  • Provide feedback on scaned items
  • Report issues with university amenities or information
  • Seek support via chat or support systems
  • Receive AI-powered answers based on documents, guidelines, etc.

Smart information.

In university settings, Labellink transforms plain text and visuals into smart, context-aware, semantic data through its specialized data structure and storage capabilities. This advanced system comprehends the significance of every data point, from campus landmarks to academic events, tailoring information to fit the specific preferences of students and faculty. By utilizing AI-driven interactions, intuitive search, and powerful filtering, Labellink enhances the campus experience, making it seamless and comprehensive without reliance on external web resources.

More Info

Labellink Comparison

University websites often serve as broad information hubs, which can lead to user overload as they navigate through vast content to find specific details. In contrast, Labellink focuses on delivering information specific to the item scanned. This targeted approach streamlines user interaction by concentrating on design, user interface, and content specifically related to the scanned item, avoiding the common disruptions of traditional websites.

Unlike the static text and visuals typical of university websites, Labellink utilizes smart, context-aware data. This enables advanced features like a sophisticated AI Assistant, personalized presentation preferences, exceptional accessibility features, and multi-language translations. Each interaction with Labellink is tailored to deliver the most relevant and user-specific information, providing a more intuitive and efficient way to engage with campus resources.

Additionally, Labellink is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing university websites as well as other university systems and applications.

Scantrust, recognized as the world’s largest e-label solution provider, focuses specifically on converting product labels into digital formats and enhancing product traceability. This specialization is critical for businesses that require robust tracking and authenticity verification across their supply chains.

In stark contrast, Labellink’s offerings go well beyond the realm of product labeling, encompassing a wide range of advanced functionalities designed to integrate digital conveniences into the physical world. Unlike Scantrust, which primarily caters to product labels, Labellink’s solutions are applicable across virtually any industry. Its core mission is to bridge the gap between digital capabilities and physical experiences through features such as an intelligent AI Assistant for real-time, context-aware interactions, interactive visuals and advanced multimedia to engage users more deeply, smart contextual data that adapts to specific user environments, comprehensive accessibility options, multilingual translation capabilities, and seamless system integrations. These expansive features make Labellink a versatile choice for organizations seeking to enhance their operations with sophisticated digital integrations.

Unlike typical e-label providers focused primarily on digitalizing product labels and tracking, Labellink stands out as the most feature-rich e-labeling solution on the market. It offers a comprehensive platform that enhances both customer interaction and business operations across various industries. Labellink transcends the basic functionality of its competitors by delivering smart, interactive features that bridge digital conveniences with the physical world.

Labellink’s solution includes an intelligent AI Assistant for real-time, context-aware assistance, dynamic visuals and multimedia for immersive user engagement, and smart contextual data that tailors information to user-specific environments. Additionally, it supports comprehensive accessibility options, multilingual translations to cater to a global audience, and seamless integrations with existing systems. These advanced capabilities make Labellink not just an e-label provider but a holistic digital transformation tool that enriches interactions and streamlines operations, making it the superior choice for organizations aiming to leverage sophisticated digital technologies.

Labellink stands out from typical digital agency offerings with its specialized focus and deep expertise in e-labels and physical-digital integrations. Digital agencies, which usually handle a wide range of digital applications, often face a steep learning curve in specialized fields like e-labeling. This can lead to challenges in custom development and achieving the necessary level of expertise.

In contrast, Labellink’s sole focus on e-label technology ensures sophisticated integration between digital content and the physical environment. Labellink provides a tested, purpose-built platform that is ready to be customized for clients, offering smart, interactive functionalities such as an AI Assistant, dynamic multimedia, and contextual data adaptation—built-in features that enhance both user interaction and business operations.

This specialization not only reduces the time and resources needed to launch effective e-label solutions but also makes Labellink a more robust, feature-rich option compared to digital agencies. With Labellink, businesses receive a tailored solution that is far superior for merging the physical with the digital, making it the preferred choice for e-labeling needs.


Yes, Labellink is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing university systems and applications. Labellink comes with ready integration modules that facilitate swift and smooth connectivity with popular educational platforms and databases. Additionally, custom development is available for other specific integrations to ensure that the solution perfectly aligns with the university’s existing digital infrastructure.
Yes, Labellink offers comprehensive customization services tailored specifically to each university’s needs. Our full-service package includes consulting, user experience and design, development, professional content creation, and training. We provide custom-crafted designs, tailor-made functionalities, specialized data architecture, and personalized AI training models. Our goal is to ensure that the e-label solution perfectly aligns with your university’s specific requirements, enhancing both user engagement and operational efficiency.
Yes, Labellink offers extensive support to ensure your e-label solutions operate smoothly. Our support includes technical assistance, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and comprehensive training services. These resources are designed to help you maximize the benefits of our platform and ensure a seamless experience for all users.

The best way to begin is by contacting us through our contact page to schedule a demonstration or a consultative discussion with one of our senior consultants. After that, many of our customers choose to initiate their journey with Labellink by starting with a small pilot project. This allows you to see firsthand how our solutions work and gauge their effectiveness before fully implementing them across your organization.

Labellink is a premium enterprise-class solution, and pricing is primarily determined by the customization options you choose to suit your specific needs. We invite you to contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored estimate. This approach ensures that you receive the most value from our services, aligned with your organization’s goals and budget.
The time required to implement a Labellink solution can vary, as we fully customize each system to meet your unique requirements. Typically, delivering a robust, fully integrated solution can take anywhere from 1 to 12 months, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. If you’re looking for a quicker start, a small pilot project can usually be implemented within a month, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness and adaptability of our solution.

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