About Labellink

Labellink, born from the vision of a tight-knit group of family and friends, redefines information access by seamlessly integrating digital functionalities within the physical world, precisely when and where needed. Our platform reduces the clutter of information overload, helps the environment, and provides accessibility for everyone.

As we expand globally, our focus remains on serving environmentally conscious consumers, those overwhelmed by information clutter, and businesses seeking meaningful, discreet engagement. Committed to pioneering digital-physical integration, Labellink guarantees every interaction is impactful and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

26 Years of Reliability

Labellink, crafted by United Experts, stands at the forefront of digital innovation with 26 years of unparalleled expertise in complex enterprise projects. Our team shapes the daily digital experience of over 85 million users, marking a significant impact in the technological landscape. Built for scale and reliability, Labellink embodies our enduring commitment to excellence.

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