E-label software and services.

E-label software and services by Labellink offer smart, interactive functionality for customers and a comprehensive e-labeling platform for businesses.

Sleek e-label experiences for consumers.

When your customers scan that QR code, they seek instant answers, not the usual info dump!

AI Assistant

Labellink AI knows your data and provides quality, intelligent responses to customer queries.

Smart Info

We can emphasize information crucial to each customer, such as highlighting allergens for those with dietary restrictions.


Customers can compare items, discover related items, make purchases, interact, leave feedback and much more.


Customers can confirm authenticity, trace origins, and access journey information from manufacturing to sale.

Comprehensive e-label platform for businesses.

Labellink stands as the market’s most comprehensive suite for e-label management.

QR CodeBridge™

Labellink CodeBridge™ offers enterprise-class QR code creation and management.

Analytics & BI

Scan analytics fundamentally differ from website analytics. Labellink Analytics delivers precise, scan-context information, unlike web page viewing metrics. Additionally, Labellink seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Power BI.

GS1 Traceability

Labellink complies with GS1 identification standards, including the Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN) and Global Location Number.

E-label Editor

Edit e-label data and create stunning, multimedia-rich content with Labellinks's powerfull drag-and-drop Visual Editor.

Integrations & AI

Labellink integrates seamlessly with third-party systems and uses smart AI to automate and enhance e-label management and data analysis.

E-label compliance and certification.

Labellink certification assures consumers and simplifies e-label certification for businesses.


Using Labellink automatically ensures your e-labels comply with EU and US regulations.


Labellink provides e-label certifications that effectively assure consumers.


Labellink's verification ensures consumers recognize authentic sources.

E-label solutions.

Labellink serves a broad spectrum of industries with its universal adaptability. However, we enhance our offering with specialized starter packs that can be tailored to your needs or we can entirely customize solutions for your organization from the ground up.

EU Wine Labels

Compliant with (EU) 2021/2117 and all related regulations.

Food Industry

Labellink is inline with the EU Farm to Fork strategy.

Fashion Industry

Labellink is inline with the EU Eco-Design Regulation (Textile).

Consumer Products

Labellink is universally adaptable to any consumer product.


Optimized for electronics and the Digital Product Passports.


Provide better general and safety information.


Provide safety info, dosages, and usage instructions.

College / University

Smart QR code integrations for universities.

Cultural Venues

Digitizing labels and enhancing visitor experiences.


Offer interactive tourist info to elevate traveler experiences.

City & Government

Modernize connectivity with communities.

Tailored Solutions

Custom solutions perfectly tailored to your organization.

One-stop shop
for e-label services.

Labellink combines superior software with full e-label services, delivering ease and trust to clients.


Labellink offers everything from advizing to complete strategy development for e-label solutions.

Professional Content Creation

Labellink delivers professional photography, videography, copywriting, imaging, data entry, and more to make your e-label content truly stand out.

UX & Design

We meticulously design, test, and refine user experiences and designs for e-labels.


We customize our starter packs or create fully bespoke e-label solutions to fully meet your needs.


Labellink offers on-site and online training to enhance e-label skills and Labellink use.

Trusted by millions.

Labellink, crafted by United Experts, stands at the forefront of digital innovation with 26 years of unparalleled expertise in complex enterprise projects. Our team shapes the daily digital experience of over 85 million users, marking a significant impact in the technological landscape. Built for scale and reliability, Labellink embodies our enduring commitment to excellence.

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