Digital Product Passport Solutions

Labellink serves a broad spectrum of industries with its universal adaptability. However, we enhance our offering with specialized starter packs that can be tailored to your needs or we can entirely customize solutions for your organization from the ground up.

EU Wine Labels

Compliant with (EU) 2021/2117 and all related regulations.

Food Industry

Labellink is inline with the EU Farm to Fork strategy.

Fashion Industry

Labellink is inline with the EU Eco-Design Regulation (Textile).

Consumer Products

Labellink is universally adaptable to any consumer product.


Optimized for electronics and the Digital Product Passports.


Provide better general and safety information.


Provide safety info, dosages, and usage instructions.

College / University

Smart QR code integrations for universities.

Cultural Venues

Digitizing labels and enhancing visitor experiences.


Offer interactive tourist info to elevate traveler experiences.

City & Government

Modernize connectivity with communities.

Tailored Solutions

Custom solutions perfectly tailored to your organization.