E-Label Solutions for Cities & Governments

Labellink delivers specialized e-label solutions, revolutionizing urban and governmental connectivity with communities.

Propel your city into the AI age.

Labellink harnesses the power of e-labels and QR codes, integrating advanced AI and interactive functionalities to revolutionize how cities connect, communicate, and access information.

Smart Info

Automatically turn your ordinary texts into smart data for sleek visual presentations and AI interactions.


Engage deeply with city spaces using dynamic QR codes, unlocking real-time info and interactive experiences.

AI Assistant

Labellink's AI leverages your data to deliver intelligent responses, enhancing user engagement and interactions.


Unparalleled accessibility feature ensures seamless city access for all, breaking barriers with innovative solutions.

E-label Use Cases

Explore how Labellink’s e-label technologies empower cities and governments to enhance public services, improve accessibility, and foster community engagement.

Tourism & Sites

Enhance visitor experiences with QR codes linking to rich multimedia content, interactive maps, and engaging virtual tours of landmarks and exhibits.

Help & Assistance

Provide immediate access to assistance services and information through QR codes.

Feedback & Surveys

Engage with community opinions through easy QR access to feedback forms and surveys.

Public Notices

Instantly access detailed info on local ordinances and public announcements by scanning QR codes.

Maintenance Reporting

Report city maintenance issues quickly through QR code links to submission forms.

Waste Management

Simplify recycling with QR labels on bins detailing sorting instructions and collection schedules.

Emergency Services

Access vital emergency contacts and safety tips instantly with strategically placed QR codes.

Street Art

Connect viewers with artist profiles and artwork stories through QR codes next to installations.

Legal Documents

Simplify legal processes with QR codes linking directly to necessary forms and legal resources.

Smart Documents

Streamline access to government documents and forms with quick QR code scans.

Public Records

Offer instant access to searchable public records and data through QR codes in government buildings.

Historical Archives

Unlock the past with QR codes that lead to digital archives of historical documents and photos.

Historical Guest Book

Enable visitors to leave digital notes and read others’ experiences at historical sites via QR.

Cultural Celebrations

Discover local festivals and cultural events through QR codes linking to dates, locations, and details.

Eco-Rewards Program

Join city-led sustainability challenges and earn rewards by scanning QR codes at recycling points and eco-friendly businesses.

City Explorer Quests

Engage in city-wide quests using QR codes to unlock clues, learn about the city, and compete in challenges for points and rewards.

Labellink Special Features

Explore Labellink’s distinctive features tailored for cities and local governments, including dynamic content updates and comprehensive user engagement analytics.

Supersmart AI assistant.

Labellink’s AI assistant is seamlessly integrated into city and local government e-label solutions, enabling citizens to instantly access information related to scanned items and receive intelligent responses. Users consistently appreciate the AI’s quality answers, making it the preferred method for engaging with city services and government information. Impressively, this sophisticated functionality is effortlessly deployed, as the AI autonomously learns and updates data without manual input from city administrators.

Everything in 133 languages.

Tourists and foreign residents can seamlessly enjoy city and local government services in their preferred language with Labellink’s comprehensive language support, enhancing tourism experiences. This feature not only translates information but also adapts the language used for interactions with the Labellink AI Assistant and the user interface. Notably, city administrators can input tourism-related information in their preferred language, and Labellink seamlessly handles all translations automatically.

Powered by the Google Translation API or AI, Labellink ensures flawless translation services behind the scenes. With native speakers rating Google translations at 7 out of 10, Labellink’s AI-powered translations receive an even higher rating of 9 out of 10. This superior AI translation feature is exclusively available in the Labellink Premium and Enterprise packages tailored for tourism and local government initiatives.

Built-in accessibility.

Labellink delivers immediate accessibility features tailored for cities and local governments, ensuring that content is readily available to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. In addition to these pre-built solutions, we provide specialized content optimization services to further enhance inclusivity.

Prioritizing accessibility expands your reach and enhances the overall user experience, demonstrating a strong commitment to inclusivity. This approach enables individuals with disabilities to fully engage with your content, aligning with both best practices and legal standards.

By utilizing Labellink’s services, you guarantee compliance with accessibility standards and showcase your organization’s dedication to embracing all users. This strategy not only meets current requirements but also positions you for future advancements in digital accessibility standards.

User-tailored alerts .

Labellink offers instant data highlighting and alerts upon scanning items, ensuring residents receive relevant information promptly. For example, citizens can receive immediate notifications regarding public services, such as road closures or utility maintenance, directly relevant to their location or preferences.

These functionalities extend further as registered Labellink users gain the ability to tailor notifications or highlights to suit their specific needs. Whether it’s updates on community events, local regulations, or emergency alerts, users can customize their experience to receive the information that matters most to them.

Smart conveniences.

As residents navigate the cityscape, cities and local governments can provide them with the convenience typically associated with digital platforms. Here are a few examples:

  • Compare information about scanned areas or amenities
  • Access user manuals for public facilities or services
  • Save and bookmark favorite locations or services
  • Share discoveries with friends and initiate live discussions
  • Provide feedback on city infrastructure or services
  • Report issues with public amenities or information
  • Seek support via chat or support systems
  • Receive AI-powered answers based on documentation, guidelines, etc.

Smart information.

In the realm of cities and local governments, Labellink transforms seemingly ordinary information into a wealth of knowledge through smart data. This advanced intelligence comprehends the context and importance of every data point, whether it’s identifying a landmark, a public service, a historical event, or various other categories relevant to urban living.

Harnessing this sophisticated data, Labellink customizes information to meet user preferences accurately. Through AI-driven interactions, intuitive search functionalities, and powerful filtering capabilities, Labellink enriches the user experience seamlessly, all without the need to reference external sources.

This sophisticated data enables Labellink to tailor information precisely to user preferences and facilitates interaction through AI, search, and filtering capabilities, enriching the overall experience without ever needing to reference the web.