Volvo is the First Car with a Digital Product Passport

Owners can access a simplified version of the passport using a QR code on the inside of the driver's door, while a more comprehensive version will be provided to regulators.
Volvo Digital Product Passport

Volvo Cars is making history by launching the world’s first electric vehicle (EV) battery passport for its flagship EX90 SUV. This groundbreaking move, aimed at recording the origins of raw materials, components, recycled content, and carbon footprint, sets a new standard in automotive transparency and sustainability. As Volvo targets producing only fully-electric cars by 2030, the battery passport represents a significant step forward in their commitment to sustainability and innovation.


The Significance of Volvo’s Battery Passport

Volvo’s initiative precedes the European Union’s mandate, which will require battery passports for all EVs sold in the EU starting February 2027. These passports will need to show the composition of batteries, including the origin of key materials, their carbon footprint, and recycled content. By introducing this passport nearly three years before the regulations come into effect, Volvo demonstrates its leadership and dedication to transparency.

According to Vanessa Butani, Volvo’s head of global sustainability, the battery passport is more than just compliance. “It’s really important for us to be a pioneer and a leader,” Butani told Reuters. The EX90 SUV, equipped with this innovative passport, is set to begin production soon at Volvo’s plant in Charleston, South Carolina, and will be delivered to customers in Europe and North America from the second half of the year. Owners can access a simplified version of the passport using a QR code on the inside of the driver’s door, while a more comprehensive version will be provided to regulators.


What Does This Mean for Consumers?

For Volvo owners, the battery passport is a tool for informed decision-making. It provides a transparent view of the car’s environmental impact, from the sourcing of raw materials to the recycling process. Additionally, the passport allows consumers to access up-to-date battery health information. This feature ensures that car owners can monitor the condition and performance of their vehicle’s battery over time, helping them make timely decisions about maintenance and usage. This transparency fosters trust and empowers consumers to make more sustainable and well-informed choices.


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