Promoting University Events: University of Texas at Austin Boosts Attendance with QR Code Marketing

Discover how the University of Texas at Austin boosted event attendance and student engagement using innovative QR code marketing.

The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) has successfully harnessed the power of QR code technology to revolutionize the promotion of university events, resulting in significantly increased attendance and enhanced student engagement. This case study explores how UT Austin implemented QR codes as a strategic tool in their event marketing efforts, reflecting a broader trend towards digital engagement that companies like Labellink specialize in facilitating.


UT Austin, a major public research university, is known for its vibrant campus life and a plethora of student activities and events. However, promoting these events effectively to a large student body posed a significant challenge. The university sought innovative methods to capture the attention of students and encourage greater participation.

Implementation of QR Code Marketing

To tackle the challenge, UT Austin introduced a QR code marketing strategy, embedding these codes in strategic locations and digital platforms frequented by students. These QR codes were linked to dynamic landing pages containing event details, registration forms, and interactive content designed to engage students more deeply.

Key Features of the QR Code Campaign

  • Strategic Placement: QR codes were placed in high-traffic areas such as dining halls, libraries, and main walkways, as well as on digital platforms like the university’s official social media channels.
  • Dynamic Content: Each QR code linked to a mobile-friendly content presentation that provided compelling visuals, essential event information, and easy access to registration or ticket purchasing systems.
  • Real-time Updates: The landing pages (e-labels) were updated in real-time to provide the latest information, highlight upcoming deadlines, and push notifications for upcoming events to keep potential attendees informed and engaged.


The QR code campaign led to impressive outcomes, showcasing a marked improvement in event attendance and student participation:

  • Increased Attendance: Event attendance increased by an average of 35% across the board, with some high-profile events seeing even greater numbers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The ease of accessing event information and the ability to register instantly increased student interest and engagement.
  • Feedback and Iteration: The campaign also included a feedback mechanism through the QR code landing pages, allowing the events team to gather student insights and continuously improve their offerings.

Labellink: Enhancing Educational Experiences with E-labels

Labellink specializes in providing QR codes and e-label solutions that can transform how universities communicate with their students, making event promotion more interactive and accessible. Labellink solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any educational environment, supporting universities in achieving better engagement and participation in campus activities.


The University of Texas at Austin’s adoption of QR code marketing for event promotion is a testament to the effectiveness of integrating digital technology into university communications. This approach not only enhances student engagement but also paves the way for more personalized and interactive experiences. With companies like Labellink at the forefront of digital innovation, educational institutions have the tools at their disposal to revolutionize how they interact with their communities, fostering a more connected and dynamic campus environment.