Digital Product Passport Certification

Labellink certification assures consumers and simplifies Digital Product Passport certification and compliance for businesses.


In the realm of digital labeling, adhering to regulatory standards is paramount. Labellink’s platform is meticulously designed to ensure that all e-labels generated and managed through its system automatically meet the stringent requirements set forth by both European Union (EU) and United States (US) regulations. This automatic compliance eliminates the need for businesses to navigate the complex web of individual regulatory requirements, saving time and reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties. Labellink stays abreast of regulatory changes and updates its compliance features accordingly, providing businesses with continuous peace of mind and ensuring that their e-labels are always in line with the latest legal standards.


Beyond mere compliance, Labellink elevates e-labels with its certification feature, offering a mark of authenticity and quality assurance that businesses can display on their digital labels. This certification is a testament to the e-label’s adherence to established standards and regulations, providing an additional layer of trust and reassurance for consumers. By undergoing Labellink’s certification process, businesses can differentiate their products, enhance brand credibility, and foster consumer confidence. The Labellink certification process is thorough yet straightforward, designed to be accessible for businesses of all sizes and to assure consumers about the information and products they encounter.


Labellink’s verification process is intricately designed to instill confidence among consumers by ensuring that vendors behind the e-labels are authenticated and reliable. This crucial step not only guarantees the integrity of the information presented but also serves as a safeguard against counterfeit and unauthorized products in the marketplace. Through a meticulous verification of vendors, Labellink establishes a trusted network of sources, thereby empowering consumers to easily distinguish authentic products from imitations. This layer of verification is especially significant in today’s market, where discerning the legitimacy of online information and products can be challenging. Labellink’s dedication to verifying vendors underscores its commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency and reliability in the e-label ecosystem.