Digital Label Consumer Experiences by Labellink

When people see the Labellink logo in a QR code, they know to expect more than the usual info dump.

Tailored information for individual preferences.

In a world swamped with information, scanning a QR code represents a deliberate quest for specific information, standing in stark contrast to marketing materials. This calls for an entirely new approach to delivering information.

Labellink meets this demand by converting plain text into intelligent data, precisely customizable to the information customers seek and their preferred method of reception.

Supersmart AI assistant.

The Labellink AI assistant is readily accessible for every item customers scan, allowing them to inquire about anything related to that item and receive intelligent, instantaneous responses. Users are consistently amazed by the quality of answers provided by the Labellink AI, rapidly making it the preferred method for customer interaction with products.

Remarkably, businesses can deploy this sophisticated functionality effortlessly; the AI autonomously scans and learns product information without requiring any manual input.

Beautifully presented info.

At Labellink, we go the extra mile to present information in a format that is not only easy to consume but also beautiful to look at. Our approach strikes a perfect balance between minimalism and attractive aesthetics.

We offer starter templates for each industry, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. More importantly, we provide a fully customized experience for every client, tailoring the data that forms the information, fine-tuning layouts, and perfecting the design to meet their specific needs.

Everything in 133 languages.

Users can relish the convenience of switching to their preferred language, a feature that encompasses not just the translation of information but also the language used for interacting with the Labellink AI Assistant, the user interface, and all other aspects.

Remarkably, businesses can input information in their language of choice, and Labellink handles all the translations automatically.

Behind the scenes, we utilize the Google Translation API or AI to ensure seamless translation services. Native speakers typically rate Google translations as 7 out of 10, whereas AI-powered translations receive a higher rating of 9 out of 10. This superior AI translation feature is exclusively available in the Labellink Premium and Enterprise packages.

Built-in accessibility.

Labellink provides immediate accessibility features out-of-the-box, ensuring your content is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Beyond these built-in solutions, we also offer specialized content optimization services to enhance inclusivity further.

Focusing on accessibility broadens your audience and elevates the user experience, reflecting a deep commitment to inclusivity. This approach allows individuals with disabilities to fully interact with your content, aligning with best practices and legal standards.

By leveraging Labellink’s services, you ensure compliance with accessibility standards and demonstrate your brand’s dedication to welcoming all users. This approach not only meets current requirements but also positions you well for future updates in digital accessibility norms.

Traceability Explorer

With Labellink’s traceability feature, powered by GS1 standards, consumers can now see the entire journey of their products from manufacturing to sale. This groundbreaking transparency allows consumers to confirm authenticity, trace origins, and access detailed journey information, making every purchase a more informed and trustworthy experience.

Key Features:

  • Instant Verification: Confirm product authenticity.
  • Origin Tracking: Discover where and how your product was made.
  • Journey Overview: Follow the entire product journey from creation to store.
Digital Label traceability example.

Creator stories.

At Labellink, our vision extends beyond delivering mere practical information. We are dedicated to revealing the rich, often overlooked stories behind the products in stores, the art in galleries, the meals on our plates, and all the wonders we encounter daily.

Our mission is a voyage into the essence of creation, honoring the creators and passions that forge our world, ensuring every story is remembered and celebrated.

Labellink offers a dynamic storytelling experience, allowing stories to be crafted through meticulously designed templates or through the boundless creativity facilitated by our Visual Editor, empowering businesses to tailor their narratives uniquely.

Item stories.

Under Item Stories, Labellink shifts the spotlight to the objects themselves, illuminating the extraordinary tales embedded in everyday items. Our goal is to delve into the essence of each product, uncovering the history, craftsmanship, and journey that lie beneath their surfaces.

This initiative is a celebration of the objects that populate our lives, revealing the intricate details and fascinating histories that often go unnoticed. From the origins of a vintage wine to the design evolution of a classic chair, each story enriches our understanding and appreciation of the items.

Labellink enables these narratives to be shared through elegantly designed templates or through the limitless possibilities offered by our Visual Editor, allowing for a unique storytelling platform where the spotlight is on the items’ own stories, directly connecting consumers to the tangible and intangible heritage of every item.

User-tailored alerts .

Upon scanning an item, Labellink instantly highlights or alerts users about the data they care about. For instance, users can receive immediate notifications if a product contains an allergen they’re allergic to or if it matches a specific dietary preference, like a calorie count.

These are just a few examples. Logged-in Labellink users can customize notifications or highlights for virtually any information or data point they deem important.

Smart conveniences.

When your customers navigate the real world, you can offer them the convenience typically found in the digital realm. Here are just a few examples:

  • Compare scanned items
  • Buy parts or accessories
  • Access user manuals
  • Save and bookmark scanned items
  • Share with friends and initiatle live discussion
  • Send feedback
  • Report issues with products, information or anything else
  • Ask for support via chat or support systems
  • Recieve AI powered answers based on documentation, user manuals, etc.

Tailored for any industry.

The Labellink platform is customizable to meet the unique needs of businesses across any industry. We tailor data fields, information formats, layouts, design, and crucially, functionality, ensuring an optimal fit for your specific requirements.

Additionally, we offer specialized starter kits, optimized for key sectors, including:

  • EU Wine Labels
  • Food Industry
  • Fashion Industry
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Smart Documents
  • Cultural Venus
  • Tourism
  • Restaurants
  • City & Government

Smart information.

At Labellink, what users may initially perceive as mere text actually holds much more depth, thanks to smart data. This underlying intelligence understands the context and significance of each piece of information. Whether identifying an ingredient, an allergen, a person, historical details, product types, art genres, or countless other categories, our smart data discerns it all.

This sophisticated data enables Labellink to tailor information precisely to user preferences and facilitates interaction through AI, search, and filtering capabilities, enriching the overall experience without ever needing to reference the web.

Assurance & compliance.

Labellink’s certification and verification are integral to our software platform, ensuring customers can easily discern:

  • Item information compliance with regulations/standards
  • Information verification
  • Vendor authenticity

Labellink software adheres to all applicable EU and US regulations. For more details, please see Certification.